Pry Yourself Out of that Rut!

There is a cliché that says, “The only constant is change.” I believe it is true. All around us, the world is in constant motion. People moving … cars flying by … kids in a constant state of movement … time stopping for no one. You get the picture. So tell me, why is it that in all of that constant change — all of that energy and movement — some people just cannot seem to get out of the rut of life. The truth: it is a choice. People stay stuck in the places in life they say they don’t want to be because they choose to remain in the ruts that put them there.

Life isn’t a movie and this sure isn’t “Groundhog Day!”

If you seriously want to have a better life, then you have to make the decision to get yourself out of the rut you are in. And truth be told, you really owe it to yourself to find the courage and strength to make it happen. You didn’t get yourself mired into that spot overnight and you sure won’t pry yourself free in a day either. But you do need to start working on setting yourself free — today — and begin to do so by taking the small, simple, daily steps that will ultimately set you back on the road to your life’s destiny.

Part of why you are in the rut you are in is that you are waiting to be rescued. Let me save you some time: there is no tow-trucking coming to pull you out. You got yourself stuck and only you are going to get yourself free. Others can support you and encourage you, but only you are going to change the job, the relationships, lose the weight or stop smoking, etc. Whatever the rut, you need to be the one who makes it happen. No book, pill or surgery will magically do it for you. As soon as you stop waiting for the magic solution to appear and get honest with yourself about where the root of the problem lies (hint hint: you already know), you can begin to get unstuck!

You’ve also got to get over the hurt and the pity party. Easier said than done, I know. But it is critical to getting the most of out of your life. I’m not trying to suggest that the past hurts and injustices in your life aren’t painful, but at some point you have to realize they are a part of your past and there is this whole glorious future ahead. Letting the pain of the past be the force that stops your from enjoying every beautiful today is a choice you make. Don’t make it! Go spend a day helping terminally ill children or spend your next vacation volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia to reset your perspective on life. Putting others’ challenges first will help you see your problems are insignificant compared to the burdens others bear.

Appreciate what you have more. Sometimes that rut isn’t so much a rut as it is a maze of self-imposed Chinese walls we’ve put up around ourselves because we forget to appreciate what we have in the here and now. Yes, we have some aches and pains, but we woke up today! We have a “less than” job, but we’re paying our bills and providing for our families in ways others would be grateful to do. Be thankful for what you do have. It may not be everything you want, but is it everything you need? Good follows gratitude.

Consciously make one small change each day. If you move that nut just one small step toward the goal, eventually you will be there! Walk a block, then two; before you know it you will be able to jog it and then you’ll be running a mile! Eat a healthy breakfast each day, after you do that for a week; eat a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch… pretty soon you will have transformed your diet to one of healthy eating! Make the simple small steps that allow you the mini wins and successes you need to get out of that rut!

If you are serious about it (and you are!), then find someone who will be your honesty coach. Someone who you will confide in about the change(s) you are making and who will help you stay on track and keep you accountable. We all need someone to motivate us, encourage us and kick our butt sometimes. Find your coach and enlist their support.

Let’s face it; life in a rut isn’t glamorous. In fact, it pretty much stinks. But you can get out and you hold the power and the ability to do it.

Don’t you think it is time to quit making excuses and grab life’s pry bar and start working yourself free?

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