Under the Red

There’s a lot going on in the cerebral matter under the red hair and in the spirit of the required “about me” stuff that I guess you are interested in — you clicked the link, right? — here is about as much as I think you’ll want to know…

I believe that life is too short and I work too hard on things that probably won’t matter much in the end. But regardless of whether or not they are important in the grand scheme of the universe, if I said I would do it, I’ll be darned sure that I research it thoroughly, do it professionally and am able to look back upon it with the utmost of pride.

I am, by birth, a Midwesterner with a hard work ethic, pragmatic values and a proudly-earned sense of self-reliance. I grew up the youngest of four kids (in five years, I might add) so I spent most of my childhood fighting to keep up, grow up and make sure it wasn’t left behind. I learned to keep my eyes open and my mouth shut and emulate the behavior of others until I figured it all out as quickly as I could. What someone didn’t (or wouldn’t) tell me, I quickly learned by asking questions, reading books and watching others. It was a pretty darn good way to learn and an approach I continue to apply just about every day!

I am a fanatic about change, consumerism and human behavior. What makes people do what they do, how they interact with products, each other, media and technology are explosive areas of interest and passion for me.  I am lucky enough to work in the consumer products industry; where there is never a shortage of change, consumers or interaction between my passion points. My quest is to find the touchstones that can become new pivot points for growth and action for my clients and customers … and do it faster, better and more efficiently than anyone else. It is a frustrating, energizing industry that I love to be a part of and produce measurable results for others in.

I will tell you I work too hard, don’t exercise enough and wish I could spend more time with my family than life allows.  I love to cook, need a massage more often than I get one and I detest yard work.  I love to entertain and can spin a wicked presentation to a crowd of 1,000 as easily as I can put a masterful five-course dinner on the table for a party of eight; neither give me butterflies in my belly.

I like antiques, fine wine and read cookbooks like most people read a New York Times bestseller.  I can spend hours in a grocery store, studying the people, services and the traffic flow as much as I do the products on the shelves.  I get a serious jolt out of watching how people interact with products, store personnel and the marketing materials that manufacturers think are critical to moving their good through the supply chain.  It is all a great mystery waiting to be deciphered and retold in a better way.

I love and value integrity in people: true-blue honesty, integrity and ethics.  Being real is hard.   It requires a degree of courage most people don’t seem to have the constitution for these days.  I respect the hell out of people who can get real with themselves and take the challenge of serious personal development and push themselves to reach up for new, higher goals.  I believe those who have the courage and confidence to press on have a glorious life awaiting them!

In my quest here — and within — I am looking to deliver what I hope I can always find under the Red Hair:  a full life and a life full of outrageously real insights.

I hope you enjoy!


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