May You All Be Together Soon


As American’s all over the world stop today to give thanks for their blessings, I cannot help but turn my thoughts to those who are separated from the ones they hold dearest. Whether by circumstances, or by choice, I am saddened by the empty chairs and saddened hearts that are the scene in countless homes today. For this day, above all others, should be filled with the scents and sounds of love.

To those who serve our Nation, willing to sacrifice all for your fellow Americans, I pray you are surrounded by a supporting community of love and that those you are separated from today feel your presence. May you all be together soon.

To those who are struggling – be it health, finances or other obstacles – I pray for the tides in your life to turn. My hope is that those challenges that separate you from your loved ones find healing and resolution. May you all be together soon.

To those who have let hurt, misunderstanding or grievances give way to uncrossable chasms in your life, I pray you find the bridge to reconnect you to the path home. Broken hearts and bitterness are not the ingredients for joy. May you all be together soon.

To those who feel the pain of separation from loved ones who have a seat at heaven’s table today, I pray your heart feels peace. I wish for your thoughts to be comforted with joyful memories of yesterday and that your day finds room for love and laughter as you gather with those who share your loss. In God’s perfect timing, may you all be together soon.

Today is a day for gratitude and Thanksgiving. We gather together to count our blessings. No matter where you find yourself, know that it is exactly where you are supposed to be today. Those you serve with, labor with, care for and/or celebrate are the ones God has chosen – especially for you – to spend this day of Thanksgiving with.

Be present in the moments of this day and aware of the gifts which await your Thanksgiving.

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