Calling “We the People”

I respect that there are many who are not happy with the results of this Presidential election. On many levels, I’d argue no one is thrilled that out of 300MM+ Americans, the ultimate slate of candidates represented the very best our nation had to offer. But after primaries, debates, caucuses, conventions and elections; we have what we have.

Grieve and mourn if the results are not as you wish, but you cannot change it until the next election.

What you can do is get involved. Learn how your state’s party and primary systems work. Get to know the candidates, their platforms and the policies they stand for.

Educate yourself on the electoral process, local, state, national and global issues that influence the economic, policy and legislative decisions that shape our lives.

Check the media and don’t believe everything you read or are told. The term

“trust but verify” is catchy for a reason.

Learn how to talk – and listen! – to people who think, believe and are different than you. Find where your opinions are common, seek understanding of where your beliefs are different and respect each other. Drop the blanket demographic wrappers that “all” members of a specific group subscribe to an identical set of beliefs and values. 

I guarantee you not all African Americans or all Catholics or all White Southern Baptist Millennials look, believe or value the same things. If we’d all strive to listen to hear versus listen for the purpose of readying our next retort, we’d make miles of progress.

What I do not understand is how taking to the streets and destroying property, physically hurting others and defacing monuments resolves, solves or begins the process to ensure a different outcome in the mid-term or next Presidential election. Destruction hurts the very communities who are already struggling – many economically – and will not change the outcome. 

Be angry. Be disappointed. But channel that toward action. 

Toward real change.

Go help communities and neighborhoods that need the power of a motivated crowd. If love truly trumps hate, show it now more than ever and be the change you seek.

It doesn’t take a candidate, it requires We the People.