My Inspiration

Inspiration comes in so many forms and in so many unexpected ways.  Everyone needs inspiration, we all receive it — we really do! — yet few of us really take the time to slow down and allow ourselves the quiet time needed to open up our minds and listen to the messages being sent our way.  It isn’t easy for me, either.  Life gets so busy and it feels incredibly selfish to put the demands of family, work and friends on hold so that I can occasionally put myself first.  But believe me when I say that we all need to do make the time.  Our soul craves it and our world becomes so much more real and enriched when we allow the time of renewal and refreshment that comes from moments of inspiration.  Our brain thinks more clearly and the power of creativity and thought is at its best when we allow the quiet to come in and take over.


I take time each morning for me. While my house is still silent and everyone is sleeping; that when I write, meditate, research and pray.  It is my “me time” to seek some inspiration for my day and get my head and soul in order.  It isn’t always enough and sometimes I need — I crave — more!  I long for a solemn walk on a beach where I can lose myself in the endless sound of the waves crashing the shore and the cacophony of seagulls calling out to each other.  It doesn’t take long before the sounds of the Righteous Brothers singing Ebb Tide fill my mind and all of my thoughts disappear.  I love those beach walks and wish I could take myself there anytime in my mind!  I leave renewed to the depth of my soul and ready to take on any challenge, armed with fresh ideas and energy!

Quotes and pithy sayings have also become amazing sources of inspiration for me of late.  I’ve found some amazing Pinterest boards with collections others have amassed of really thought-provoking ideas.  I like the idea of giving myself pause to stop and ponder my views of life and living.  It challenges me to refine who I am, what I stand for and why I am here.  It tells me I am not finished yet.  And I like that.  That quiet whisper that says:

“keep going, there is more…”

We all need inspiration.  Whether it be from prayers, readings, walks, art, exercise…find yours!  Live it and commit to it daily!  Find the ray of light that will shine deep within to illuminate the pathway to new goals and accomplishments in your life.

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