Heart Matters

Art to Heart Mixed Media on Canvas12" x 12" x 1.5"Wendy Carmichael-Bauld, Artist
Art to Heart Mixed Media on Canvas
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″
Wendy Carmichael-Bauld, Artist

The care and keeping of one’s heart is a life long journey. It is more than an emotional journey. It requires a balance of emotional heart health, physical hearth health and spiritual heart health. Without all three, I will argue that your journey will always be one of struggle.

Success in the matter of the heart begins with a quest of keeping the physical muscle healthy and strong; that requires a diet and exercise regimen that doesn’t come naturally to many.

Equally important is the need to tend to the spiritual matters of the heart: keeping it open and free of anger and resentment. Hearts clouded with bitterness and anger cannot experience the unabiding love and hope God intended for us. It is our responsibility to take care of our spiritual selves and ensure our minds and hearts are connected in a positive and cheerful way.

And then there is that emotional side. Yes, the beauty and joy of emotional heart health is the side we all want to focus on. Millions of books are sold to hopeful souls looking for the silver bullet on how to find the perfect soul mate … eternal love … their one true love. That one person who can waltz into their life and fix everything wrong and make it better. Wrong!  All that perfect love begins within you. Your heart. Yourself. Finding true love begins with loving yourself deeply and unconditionally. Taking care of that emotional heart yourself.  Once you master that, the door to endless possibilities is kicked wide open.

We’ll explore the matters of the heart in the posts ahead and celebrate the joys and wonders of living — and loving — and outrageously wonderful life!

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