Content Beyond Measure


My heart is full. I’m snuggled up on my sofa with my daughter. My family is watching an old movie on TV. We’ve satisfied our bellies with some popcorn – cooked on the stove the old fashioned way – and are relishing in the beauty of our laziness. It is the perfect unwind to a blessed holiday weekend.

We logged a lot of miles over the past few days, nearly 1,000 end-to-end, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It was a much-anticipated weekend of precious time with my sister and her family, my mother and her husband and my niece. My own family looks forward to this annual gathering, knowing no distance is too great to be together.

This year’s gathering was decadent. My dear sister, who so expertly organized and orchestrated everything, left me with no option but to relax and thoroughly enjoy my family time. Her ability to flawlessly feed an army, stay calm in the midst of a houseful and make it all seem effortless is a quality I admire. She is gifted with an ability to care for others and does it with grace.

I am blessed to have a great role model in my big Sis. Her faith leads her every decision, providing her with the DNA to be a strong wife, a patient and supportive mother, a caring daughter and a best-friend-turned-sister. She is the woman I aspire to be. I am blessed to have her as mine.

She gifted me with a weekend of decadence: great company, amazing food and the rest my soul and tired spirit needed. Not in the grandiose ways that one might think is needed, but in a dozen little moments that leave my family blessed, my body renewed and my soul already wanting for more.

For a weekend that is all about Thanks and Giving; she excelled in showing how thankful she is by the ways in which she treated us. In how she reminded us of the need to always show love to others. In the giving of our time, talents and the special gifts God has bestowed upon us. Yes, My big Sis reminded me of that this weekend. And I am outrageously blessed and content beyond measure.

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