Dancing in the Rain

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 5.58.57 AMThere is no better metaphor for gratitude and outrageously blessed living than to dance in the rain. The idea that the storms and challenges of life are reason to stop living is nonsense. Living is finding the purpose to the storm, the solution to the challenge and the motivation to kick off your shoes when the rain is pouring and just dance with glee!

When I awoke on my wedding day, after weeks of carefully watching the long-term weather forecasters predict a high chance of rain, I breathed a sigh of relief. I heard not a sound. Unfortunately, the intensity of the rain falling outside created its own white noise effect, masking the reality that awaited. It rained harder on my wedding day than I could have imagined and the plans for a beautiful outdoor reception hung in danger.

We proceeded with our morning of preparation. I remember walking down the sidewalk of my hometown, from the bed & breakfast reception venue to the hair salon; a parade of perfectly coiffed and manicured ladies dodging puddles and huddled under massive umbrellas. We laughed and celebrated the day, knowing nothing could dampen the joy in our hearts.

The downpour stopped at 3:00, the staff of the venue literally wet-vacced the lawn to prepare the celebration and by 7:00 p.m., when we arrived from the ceremony, a beautiful night awaited us. The post-rain skies were magnificent and the air was crisp and clean with the heady scents of the summer gardens. Yes, that night we danced and danced.

That rainy wedding day was a life lesson to my groom and I. We have seen many a storm in our fifteen years together. Some have lasted for years and threatened to undermine the very foundation under our feet. Bitter cold winds have taught us to huddle closer. We have clung together as raging rivers swirled at our feet, giving thanks in the aftermath. We’ve looked around at the destruction of life events in our wake, thankful for each other and for the miracle of the garbage in our lives that washed away in the storms’ waters.

Dancing in the rain is a choice. It is not always easy and the music is often better suited to a clumsy box-step than a fiery tango. But regardless of the situation or the intensity of the storms that rage, listen for the music and dance. Open your heart to the gentle strains that tug at your heart. Listen to the rhythm and take caution to align your steps to the beat of life you feel. Take time to grab the hand of the one you love and don’t let go; you will need their guidance as your move forward together.

Storms will come. Trash and debris will threaten your very existence. But don’t give in to the storm’s current. Listen, instead, for the sweet music that will guide your steps and lift your heart. Yes, in the midst of the storm, dance. Just dance!

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