When Profits Matter More Than People

This time of year, many of usB1ONxCNCAAEOiUw turn our attention to the holiday gatherings and traditions that will soon fill our days. There is no holiday I love more than Thanksgiving, a time where the traditions of family, time-tested recipes and togetherness take center stage. I love that this is a day where we are to set aside the worries and demands of the season and just surround ourselves with those we love and remember our blessings.

It saddens me that the spirit of “getting” has encroached on this most special holiday, with more and more retailers putting profits ahead of people and asking their associates to work Thanksgiving for their “Gray Thursday” and “Black Friday” sales. No, you won’t find me standing in line for great bargains to treat myself, or others.

Instead, I offer my kudo’s (and my 2014 holiday spending) to the retailers who stand firm on their decision to set aside Thanksgiving as a day to remain closed to enable their associates time with family and friends honoring the traditions of Thanks and Giving. Thanks for the loved ones who support them in their career endeavors, and realizing that no holiday incentive can replace the memories and love that is shared around the family table. The giving of our time and attention is worth more than any bargain you will find on store shelves.

Kudo’s to Costco, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, DSW, Pier 1 Imports, Burlington Coat Factory, Crate and Barrel, Petco, Radioshack, GameStop, Patagonia, REI, Dillard’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, and American Girl for being the leading retailers who chose to put their people ahead of holiday sales. Costco said its employees

deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families”

and I couldn’t agree more. I applaud these retailers, and those who join them, in protecting a day of American thankfulness.

There will be plenty of time in the days that follow to spend money on the latest technology and fashion trends that will land under holiday trees in December. Undoubtedly, most of those “most have” bargains will end up returned, unused or unappreciated. Your and my time – and money – is worth so much more!images

For me, I’ve got a date with my sister and mother for a long overdue Scrabble game, a late-night Turkey and Stuffing sandwich to add to my already satisfied appetite and lots of love, laughter and memory making to do with with ones I hold dearest.

If you have the ability to choose people, thankfulness and gratitude over profits and material possessions, take a stand this Thanksgiving and reward those retailers who choose as Ace Hardware does, saying

“Some things are more important than money.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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