Life Moguls


Hit the slopes of happiness loaded down by the baggage of life and I’ll lay money you will wipeout often. Life moguls, those darn obstacles we must all navigate with finesse, cannot be avoided.

Fill your pack with the weight of anger, jealousy, bitterness and the like, and your great run will be detoured often. The more you stop to judge, criticize and treat others with disrespect, the harder the descent into the valley.

Successfully navigating life’s moguls is a skill we must all learn. Just like on the ski slopes, we have to focus not on those horrible mountains before us, but on the paths in between. If all we can see is one obstacle after another, it will be a harrowing run.

Rather, when we ignore the gossip, the withheld mercy and unforgiveness others have built in our way, we can find our way to the valley.

Do not allow the moguls others have erected in your path to deter you. Those mountains are the monuments of discontent others have built; they are not yours to conquer or dismantle.

See through the moguls of life and focus on the path at your feet. In the journey to an outrageously wonderful life, nothing else matters.

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