What Matters Most


My favorite college professor, who was the Chair of the College’s Business Communications program, always reinforced her “one truth” that our credibility matters most. As she led and taught her Public Relations and Advertising students, she often reminded us:

No matter what you do, never forget your credibility is your only asset. Lose that and you’ve lost everything.
–Nancy Wahonick

We all have our truths. Those simple, but defining beliefs that are the essence of what we stand for, believe in; they are what remains of us when all else is stripped away.

Who are you? What is your one truth? When you are stripped bare of life’s trappings, what remains?

None of us can pursue an outrageously wonderful life without knowing who we are. If you don’t know what your core beliefs and truths are, do the work to figure it out.

Once you define the core of you, the path forward is forever illuminated.

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