Above All, Just Love


Life’s curve balls can catch you offguard in an instant. Coming at you from any direction, the challenges and opportunities that come your way can exhilarate you or knock you to your knees.

I’ve had one of those periods of late. The balls thrown my way — it seemed there was a pitching machine aimed my direction — hit me with some of the greatest highs and unexpected lows one could experience. The highs took my feet off the ground for a moment; the lows pulled me right down to reality.

In the midst of it all, there was love.

Love from an incredibly supportive spouse who is my #1 fan, my ballast on crazy days and my best friend. He celebrated my highs and held me through the lows. He reminds me constantly to just love.

Love is the glue that holds firm the cracks of life. Whether those cracks come from growing pains or brokenness, just love.

Love is the calming force that settles the raging winds of life and gives direction when my compass spins uncontrollably. Yes, just love.

Love knows no secrets are too dark to handle. Love gives purpose and clarity when confusion abounds. Love is patient, love is kind. When doubt and fear have kneeled you, just love.

The unexpected can unleash a spectrum of emotions. Exciting moments that let the enthusiasm and zest for life carry you away like a kayak in the rapids; heavy events can drop you to the floor like a rock. But when you have love, and give love, the unexpected can be the defining moment. It can calm life’s waters and give rise to the weights that burden us.

Giving love is my focus to the hurt around me. To provide a healing cocoon to ease the pain and bring light and new direction where darkness and jungled pathways are found. Just love.

Listening, praying, laughing through the tears. And saying nothing when words have lost their meaning. The calm of a gentle touch and the awareness of being is enough. Yes, love – just love – matters most.

When your first reaction to life’s curves teeter you from your steady ways, find love and cling tightly.

Yes, when in doubt, just love.

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