Cherish the Moments


Life is moving at breakneck pace. It seems zero to sixty is happening at faster and faster speeds. The exhilaration of it all is simultaneously frightening and exciting. Good or bad, these moments of today will all-too-quickly become the memories of yesterday.

My advice? Cherish the moments. Focus on the present and soak in the joy that is yours for the taking. Do all the things that fill your life with love, hope and contentment. Make time to take time.

Something I saw on an in-flight entertainment show caught my eye yesterday as I made a long transatlantic flight. The image of a couple dancing in the empty living room of their recently sold family home sparked a cherished memory.

Years ago, my parents came for a visit to my East Coast home. Time and distance made those visits seldom and precious; Dad found the drive exhausting and, to avoid boarding the dog, they would not fly.

On this particular evening, we had finished eating a lovely dinner – just the four of us – in our seldom used formal dining room. After dessert, my husband and I left Mom and Dad to linger over coffee while we got a jumpstart on doing the dishes.

With some Frank Sinatra gently playing on the CD player, we got down to business rinsing the dinnerware. A quick glance through the butler’s pantry to confirm no strays were left behind, I caught sight of a precious distraction: my parents slow-dancing in the fading evening light.

Mine were not openly affectionate parents. My father hated PDAs and I doubt I ever saw more than a chaste kiss pass between them. Their’s was a quiet, gentle love that matured and deepened like a fine Cabernet. In all my life, it was the only time I ever witnessed such an open, carefree sharing of intimacy between the two people I loved most.

In that quiet, timeless moment, I was awestruck. I don’t think I had even seen such a beautiful moment and I was frozen in place as they quietly whispered and waltzed across the floor.

I cannot recall my parents ever at my house, together, after that visit. Dad has been gone over eight years and there are no more tender moments to share or witness. The flood of emotion recalling it brings is both comforting and overwhelming.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changing.

–Bob Dylan

I’m thankful for the cherished moments I am blessed to remember. They appear in my mind at the most unpredictable times and bring sweet joy and happiness.

Make time to fill the lives of those you cherish most with beautiful moments that will become tomorrow’s cherished memories.

We only get one shot at this beautiful thing called life. Dance the dance…make beautiful music… Just live every moment with passion.

It’s your life: make it outrageously wonderful!

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