Let Them See You Glisten

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Remember that old Dry Idea commercial that used the likes or Carol Burnett and Lauren Hutton to deliver their tag line: “Never Let Them See You Sweat?” The advice was to be on your game, be smart, be charming, but – no matter what! – never let the boys see you sweat. I say bull-cocky! Let them see you glisten!

What’s wrong with a little sweat?  Hard work.  Passion.  A contagious fervor of motivation that fuels you through the most challenging of days.  In my world, I say

Let them see you glisten with the passion of your heart!

There is nothing wrong in today’s world with letting your clients, your colleagues and your team see your passion at work!  The sweat of a committed leader is inspiring and pushes everyone to work harder to give their very best! In the purest sense of the word, a little sweat is your body’s way of self-cooling.  In the heat of the moment, a little perspiration can be your best friend – just ask any athlete who pushes him/herself to the brink! That moment of near-breaking turns adversity into opportunity.

The idea of not sweating the pressure you are under is akin to the term “effortless perfection” that was coined in a landmark Duke University study in 2002.  The constant pressure felt by college women to be “smart, accomplished, fit, beautiful and popular,” all without “visible effort.” The price of such a lofty goal, however, has far-reaching (and sometimes devastating) consequences. And here’s the truth: effortless perfection just isn’t real.

Being able to let your team see you sweat the appropriately challenging opportunities and tasks that come your way make you an approachable leader. Someone so confident in his/her ability that you aren’t afraid to share the stress of the big deals. You let others see your passion, your determination and your willingness to push through and win.

To the average team member, that is inspiring and brings people along to root with you, roll up their sleeves along side of you and work together to win. What could be  better than that?



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