Becoming More


In the twilight hours, what does your heart whisper to you? What hopes, fears and longings take rise in the quiet of the night and lull you to sleep? More importantly, are you listening?

In nearly every corner of my world, changes are taking place. My daughter is growing up quickly, finding her voice and confidence as she defines herself and embraces her God-given talents. My mother is finding acceptance in the governor that life brings to a well-lived life. Loved ones are battling the uncertainties of loss: spouses taken by cancer, dreams clipped – hopefully temporarily – by jobs that have been eliminated and so many other unforeseen circumstances.

Change is a fickle friend; fight it and the pain of resistance can bury you. But when we look to change as opportunities to unleash our untested, wobbly skills, we can find the power to transform. We can become more than we ever imagined.

The changes life has placed in your path are for a reason. They protect you from unknown pain and misfortune that is far greater than what you now feel. Change gives flight to your hidden wings of strength and courage. Change sings sweetly to the cries of your heart and serenades you to listen, believe and become.

We were not meant to sit and suffer quietly. An outrageously real life is full, fearful and wildly fulfilling. What are you waiting for?

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