Rediscovering Me


It has been ages – too long – since I’ve written a blog or even felt compelled to “check in” and contribute anything to the community I am blessed to have built around the idea of Outrageous Living.

I wish I could pinpoint the source of my disinterest. It makes no sense. Truly. I love to write and create, feeling wonderfully empowered to draw upon my experiences and ideas to craft a post worthy of others’ time. But when the well is empty, well, it’s just empty.

My time away has been an interesting journey. I’ve been busier than ever, yet not so busy that the time to write has not availed itself. But my thoughts are returning and I sense the opportunity – and desire – to write wells up within me again.

Sometimes we all need to give ourselves permission to slip away quietly from the noise and hustle of everydayness and rediscover ourselves. To shed the clutter in our world, find harmony and balance in the simplest of living and just be. Ridding our self of the obligations we have – real or self-imposed – and renew the hunger and passion of our existence.

I’ve found that me again and she’s the same outrageous, passionate and centered person I like to hang out with. Thanks to a few months’ hiatus, and some time ahead to forge new paths and ideas, the journey of a blessed, outrageously wonderful life is about to hit the restart button.

Thanks for waiting for me.

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