Icicles and Silence Send Mighty Reminders


Mother Nature’s handiwork left a canvas of icing on the Earth yesterday. Everywhere I look, the early morning light is twinkling like diamonds on a billion surfaces. I wish I could capture the beauty of this moment forever; it is timeless. Encased in an inch or more of ice, my world is frozen in time. It is breathtaking.

As soon as I turn on the TV, I am sure I’ll hear a the traffic reports that tell me traffic is a nightmare. Schools are closed. The Federal Government is on a two-hour delay. More bad weather is coming, so as soon as the world starts to move, people will rush out to, again, wipe stores clean of the necessities of bread, milk and bathroom tissue. The madness of it all can wait.

For now, I am going to relish the magic of the moment. This quiet beauty laid out before my eyes. The sparkling lights. The absence of traffic. The precious silence of a world muted by the mighty power of the heavens.

God is bigger than us all. This morning, he reminded me in icicles and silence.

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