Joy and Twinkle Lights

We started to unpack our Christmas decorations yesterday. Just a little to let the world know we’re in the spirit and because we cannot wait to have the house all spruced up with glittering baubles and bows.

My favorite part of Christmas decorating is to have it all just the way I like it, fire up the music, sit in the dark and enjoy the twinkle of the lights in solitude. That experience is just magical to me.

We’re debating “how much” Christmas decorations we’ll be able to put up this year.  We’re in the middle of a redecorating project I started too late to likely finish in time. Nearly every room in our house has already “adopted” an extra piece of furniture for the duration. Squeezing more room for my traditional explosion of trees, table top and mantle displays, etc., might prove to be too challenging. But whether or not we have a ton of our usual decorations, our home is filled with joy and Christmas excitement.

We are like the twinkling lights I love so much:

one moment of love, hope

and joy after another,

strung together in grace and gratitude,

filled with determination and

waiting expectantly for our opportunity to shine.

Christmas is not about the decorations or the presents. It doesn’t matter how many trees I put up or if I dress the stairway railings and fireplace mantles. It lives in our hearts and in how we love and bless each other. If we can spread joy and be twinkling lights – everyday – then we are fulfilling our purpose.

Happy holidays and enjoy these wonderful days of December!

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