Leftovers, Love and Laughter


I think I may have gained a few pounds yesterday. Our family Thanksgiving was a feast for the senses! Nothing beats the aroma of turkey as it roasts it’s final hour across the culinary finish line. The table, spread with the bounty of vegetables, casseroles, breads and traditional dishes was a glorious canvas of color for the eyes.

A full house, we gathered around the table and shared my most favorite annual meal. Following a beautiful prayer, our meal begins by each sharing what we are most thankful for. Young and old, each family member offered up their thoughts on gratitude and love. It was the perfect appetizer to a delicious meal.

The day unfolded with the joys and traditions of our family’s Thanksgiving: sleeping men in front of football while chatting women did dishes, bad movies we all watch and laugh at together, a mean game or ten of dominoes…

Somewhere along the way, someone got hungry – despite the fact we were all stuffed mere hours earlier – and the opportunity for turkey and ham leftovers reappears. Who can resist the call of the beloved leftover Thanksgiving sandwich?

As every Thanksgiving is, and should be, it was a day of love and laughter. It was filled with family, traditions and togetherness. Unfortunately, there were missing faces at our table; some gone to their heavenly reward and others unable to be a part of our holiday. All were missed and lovingly remembered. For being thankful is the most important part of the day.

As we feast in the days ahead on the leftovers, we also get to relive the beautiful moments of our celebration; for the best leftovers are more than culinary. Snippets of laughter, cousins teasing each other, sweet hugs with Mom, and a million other priceless memories will replay in my mind. I can feast on these – calorie free – and enjoy the bounty of my family’s Thanksgiving for days and weeks ahead.

Leftovers, love and laughter … these are the ingredients for a memorable Thanksgiving holiday. And a reminder that I am blessed.

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