An Outrageous Thought to Ponder: Begin Again


Realizing it is time to hit the reset button and begin again is not failure; it is courageous. Taking stock of where you are in life and realizing that the decisions you have made, the situation you are in, the friends you have and the ways in which you handle the stresses of life aren’t healthy takes tremendous introspection and bravery.

Most people don’t have the fortitude to look in the mirror and admit their flaws and own up to the cold, hard reality that the one person responsible for their unhappiness is reflected in the glass before them.

Bravo to you for being so brave and strong! Beginning again is scary. It is hard to shed the familiar people, places and patterns of living – healthy or not – for the unknown path before us.

But down that road of mystery and yet-to-be discovered pathways, happiness awaits! Say farewell to the old with love and begin again! Happiness – true happiness – awaits!

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