Reaching Higher Within Yourself

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Art by

Aiming for more, reaching higher…we all strive to find ways to reach outside of ourselves to achieve more. If your goals for improving yourself, making more money, having a bigger home, a better body or a better job are motivated by anything other than your own internal passion to be a better you today than you were yesterday, the path laid out before you will be paved with rough, rough road. Jealousy and envy do not make for good fuel or smooth roads.

There is nothing noble

in being superior

to your fellow man;

True nobility

is being superior

to your former self.

                    –Ernest Hemingway

Life isn’t about keeping up with ‘the Jones’.’ We weren’t put on this earth to play the game of ‘one upping’ the friends and colleagues we are tempted to compare our lives to. Life is about doing everything we can each day to use the skills and talents we have to their full and intended purposes. To give our all – and then some – to make the world we live in a better place than how we found it.

We all need to approach each day trying to be a better person than the one we were yesterday; more loving, more patient, more tolerant and forgiving; more generous with our love, talents and time. That’s outrageously real living!

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