Make a Difference. You. Yes, Y-O-U!


Sometimes, the people that we have known for only the shortest amount of time have had a bigger impact on us than those we have known forever. Funny how that seems to happen. We just never know who ends up in our path that can change our day – or our life forever – by their mere presence. More importantly, we may never know how our own words, deeds or innocent actions may have lifelong impact on others.

The random acts of kindness, the unassuming smiles we give to the strangers we pass on the street or the doors we open for others as we go hurriedly about our business. We have no idea the impact we are having as we go about our daily business and our ability to bless and brighten the lives of others.

We may never know

all the good

that a simple smile

can do.

–Mother Theresa

Last week, I was on the receiving end of a “pay it forward” coffee purchase in the drive-thru at Starbucks. I was speechless as the barista at the window told me my simple $4.15 purchase had been paid for by the unknown driver in the car ahead of me. I gladly kept the chain moving, but the thrill of that simple gesture was relived in my mind countless times that day. It really did make my day!

Living a life where we consciously seek out the opportunities to positively impact the lives of others is to live an outrageously wonderful life. To make a difference, no matter how great or small, in the walk of others, is to have lived a life with purpose.

I have some favorite quotes and passages about making a difference that I find inspiring.  If you inspire to make a difference, I hope you’ll be motivated and encouraged by them too:

It takes each of us to make a difference in all of us.
–Jackie Mucheson
I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough, we must do.
–Leonardo da Vinci
How wonderful that no one need wait
a single moment to improve the world.
–Anne Frank
I feel that the greatest reward for doing
is the opportunity to do more.
–Dr. Jonas Salk
Never believe that a few caring people
can’t change the world.
For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.
–Margaret Mead

As I look to my own future, I aspire to do more to give back. It is my passion to inspire, encourage and make a difference in the life of others. To be remembered as a person who gave freely of her time, her talents and made a positive impact on those she touched. Lofty goal?  Perhaps, but with God’s grace and some good guidance, I am going for it with gusto!

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