Quit Settling for Stupid!


I remember the first book I chucked into the trash can, it was Steven King’s The Tommyknockers. I thought it was the dumbest book ever. I couldn’t believe I was wasting my time – or precious space in my briefcase – on such literary dribble. I was in an airport in some nameless city and after a dozen or so attempts to get interested in the book, I finally gave up, walked over to a garbage can and tossed it in. A fellow traveler practically accosted me in disbelief! He was shocked that I would throw a book away! I told him he was welcome to it, but for me, it was complete nonsense. I didn’t care how famous of an author he was, I thought the book was a waste of my time.

How many times do we sit in movies we’d rather walk out of, knowing 30 minutes into the reel that we’ve just wasted $8.50?  Or walked into a restaurant, looked at the menu and decided that there is absolutely nothing on it that sounds appetising?  Rather than graciously depart, we settle on some mediocre dish and waste a night out on a meal we’ll later regret. Why? Do we really care what strangers in a theatre or some nameless waiter we’ll likely never see again think?

Why do we settle for less than we deserve?

Why do we spend our childhood dreaming of being beautiful princesses, famous doctors and riding the wide open range as cowboys, but settle for living in cubicle farms and spending our days fighting traffic in long commutes?  Why do we settle for less than real happiness? Too many of us find that the only thing to look forward to about our job is Friday, knowing that we have two days away from the menial tasks and despair that suck our dreams and happiness dry. We all deserve to love what we do, love our jobs and be happy.

Settling was not a part of the equation.

We all must make life decisions that put our ultimate happiness at the forefront. And if that means we pass on a promotion that takes us to a city that we hate simply because it pays well, then so be it. If the volunteer work you are doing means you are missing two nights a week with your family and not being a part of your children’s lives, perhaps you need to reconsider your commitments. If you’re staying in a job you detest simply to afford a mortgage, trade down to a better quality of living. Stop settling for stupid!

Don’t order a meal off a menu you don’t like. Get up and walk away. Quit settling for less than the best.

Happiness is a fundamental necessity for all of us. Wasting our time on things that don’t matter is dumb. It doesn’t matter if it is a few hours on a book or movie, a meal or a decade at a job you cannot stand, the choices we are making have life long consequences on our time, our money and our future. Get up, walk away and go find your happiness!

Expect happiness. Make life decisions that create opportunities for happiness to be the priority for your life.  I deserve it and so do you.

One thought on “Quit Settling for Stupid!

  1. I loved this, especially “stop settling for stupid”
    I had a one-star review on one of my books once, and the reader stated, almost proudly, that they’d read it to the very end, hated it, and accused me of stealing hours of their life they would never get back (or words to that effect). I felt guilty at the time, as if I had actually stolen their time. Then I thought, why did you bother finishing it? I’ve abandoned many books after a few chapters, even if they cost a lot more than a free ebook. Life’s too short.

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