Taking Time to Be Grateful


Today is November 1, and for me it is the official start of my most favorite time of year: the days leading up to Thanksgiving. It is, thus far, the most unadulterated holiday we celebrate and one which remains true to its origin of giving thanks and gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us.

A year ago, my blog began as a simple Facebook game shared with friends: could I post every day in November about something I was thankful for? I loved the idea of daily putting it all on pause long enough to find one thing that I could stop and give thanks for.  I challenged myself to make each day’s post be about something non-material; it had to come from the heart. Yes, I love my many shoes, my home and the many material blessings I have, but as I prepared my heart for the season ahead, I needed to take the time to focus on the many gifts of love, friendship, forgiveness, health, etc., that have been bestowed upon me.

It was an eye-opening project and definitely not easy at times. It made me realize how precious the people and gifts in my life are, and showed me areas where I needed to rebalance, weed and refocus.  It also opened the door to rediscovering my love for writing; for sharing my thoughts and ideas.  From a Facebook project to a blog, it has become a journey that has, as yet, an unknown destination. I am grateful for the self-discovery and learning it brings, the new people it has brought into my path and the ways in which God is gently telling me to continue.

This year, I invite you to find a way to daily make time to explore all that you are truly thankful for. Big or small, all around us are dozens of reasons to open our arms and hearts and give thanks to God for his hand in our lives.

This amazing “Sunlight of Gratitude” drawing I discovered on Pinterest is a unique way to showcase the many blessings we have been given. By making time to list one big reason and one small reason to give thanks each day, and by month’s end, you can have an amazing reminder of all the gifts in your life. I don’t know about you, but I am thinking it could be the best Christmas gift I give to myself this year: all the reasons I have to be thankful, framed and hanging on my wall!

Happy November first! Welcome to the season of Thanksgiving! Having an amazingly wonderful life starts with being one who has a thankful heart and who openly expresses gratitude for the blessings we are so freely given.  Today, take time to say thanks and live an outrageously wonderful life from today forward!

4 thoughts on “Taking Time to Be Grateful

  1. So grateful you are here blogging too. 🙂 Your posts are always so inspirational and encouraging to read and this one is definitely no exception to that 🙂

    Also, I love the idea of making one of those “sunlight of gratitude” pics and framing it for a Christmas gift to self. I will have to try and join you on that idea if it’s okay. 🙂

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