Outrageously Good Work to Share: Life, He Said

A beautifully written piece reblogged from great work created on Evan Sander’s blog, The Better Man Project.  It is deep, thought-provoking and the kind of soul-stirring work that moves me and must be shared, appreciated and lived.



He said

Is a mixture of emotion and commotion

The highs are high

And the lows are low

They will make your stomach flip when you rise

And slam you into the ground when you fall

But the worst thing you could possible do

Is numb yourself

Sedate yourself

And drug yourself with a frosted heart


He said

Is a mixture of heartache and triumph

The pain hangs your head

The triumph make your heart beat

You will crumble

And you will condense

And the reasons for all this, He said

Is to make you grow

To turn you into something real

Genuine. Quality. Authentic


He said

Is given to those who are not afraid

Of the possibility of pain

Because they know that the struggle is positive

The blacksmiths arm is only forged by resistance

And the human soul morphs in the same way

Through punishment and perseverance

In love and determination

And in the end those who decide to accept this

Are the ones who live

Not just survive

– Evan Sanders

More inspiration can be found in his body of work, the blog The Better Man Project.

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