Good Enough Really IS Good Enough!

apt_one_12_12_124716My daughter auditioned yesterday for a spot on the state choir. A competitive audition, she was as nervous as a cat before a bath about the opportunity and it didn’t help that the vocal tryout was rescheduled for a few days. The anticipation of what to expect was agonizing for her – and for us!

I wanted to make something special to herald the event and recognize her efforts. A day trip hampered any attempt to get home from work early and whip something special up in the kitchen. Rather than simply not bother and let the celebration slide to the weekend when I had more time, I decided to swing through the grocery store and pick up a mini cake. In the short time she was at her audition, I dug out my cake decorating tips and quickly added her monogram to the cake top.  Nothing fancy (by any means!), but I made the store-bought cake her cake and a simple dinner of homemade soup and bread turned into a celebration of the completion of a school project and the hope that her audition would secure her a spot on the choir.

Famed French writer François-Marie, also known under his pen name as Voltaire quilled the famous quote: “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.” in the poem La Begueule in 1772Translated to modern times, we get the oft used quote, “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

How often do we all forego the good and right thing to do because we don’t have time to do it perfectly?

Life isn’t about waiting until the moment is perfect to act – if you wait until then, I’ll bet my paycheck you will miss the moment.  Life is about seizing the today and the now!  Forget the big dinner party you don’t have time to prepare for, invite some friends over for take-out pizza!  If you don’t have the energy to run a mile a day, start with parking you car at the farthest spot from the door where you are going and begin by walking.  Email an old friend if you don’t have the ‘ease of words’ to pick up the phone and call. Let the emails wait tonight and go shoot hoops with your son or daughter for 30 minutes.

Don’t let perfect rob you of doing was is right and good.

My daughter was tickled pink last night with her lopsided monogrammed chocolate cake.  We laughed and giggled over the challenges we’ve all been working through with her homework and over the excitement of her pending spot in this elite choir.  How grateful I am that I made the time to stop at the store for a silly $7.00 cake and dig out my decorating kit to spruce it up.  Busy as I thought I was, I didn’t give in to the temptation to just wait until we heard she made the choir – or wait until the weekend – to celebrate.  I didn’t miss the moment.  Yes, there were lots of other things I could have been doing last night with my time, but nothing else I should have been doing.  Chocolate cake with big gobs of green icing and daisy sprinkles was right at the top of my list.

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