Another Outrageous Thought to Ponder: Aim for the Future


No matter the circumstance or situation, the past is the past.  Revisiting the hurt, the pain and the “should haves” and “could haves” most likely won’t change today.

Instead, look at where you are right now as a launching pad for the future.  All that has happened has molded and crafted you into this incredible person who senses and feels like no other.  Your depth of caring and compassion is what makes you, well, YOU!  Use all that has brought you to this place as the fuel to catapult you into one marvelous future.

Leave behind the pain and sorrow, take the love and wonderful memories and go forward with your head held high, your self-esteem right where it belongs and know that you are worthy, you are deserving of love and happiness and that there is an outrageous life God has waiting for you.

Stay focused on the positive.  Take care of you and don’t let anything stop you.  You deserve nothing less.

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