Aspiring for More Mary than Martha


My life of late has been too rushed. Too hurried. It was just too full of tasks and self-imposed duties that just do not matter in the grand scheme of life. And if you haven’t noticed, I’ve put it all on pause.

My apologies if my absence in blogging has been missed. My attention is needed elsewhere. I’ve been taking care of me.

If it sounds selfish, it isn’t. I’d highly recommend it and I’ll be honest in saying I’m not through nurturing myself. I am still trying to figure out what lies on the path ahead and how I’ll balance my love of this blog with my other responsibilities. Rest assured, I will. But forgive me if my presence is notably absent in the interim. Right now I am tending to a really important person: me.

What I’m learning is that it isn’t worth wasting a moment worrying about or striving for something that is beyond my control. I am going to learn how to relish each breath, celebrate each day and make sure I love (and am loved!) so that I can live each day as outrageously as I can before the last ray of sunshine falls behind the horizon.

I aspire to be more like Mary than Martha. Martha, the responsible sister in the Bible, who slaved too hard to put a feast before Jesus and his disciples, is the sister most people who associate me with. Yes, she is the one who would fuss over the perfect menu, the elegant table and then endless need to ensure the house was “just so.” She was also the one whining to Jesus that her sister, Mary, needed to come help her (Luke 10:40).

Jesus reminded Martha – and me! – that all that preparation and busyness can wait. People like Mary who can let it all go and just sit at his feet and take in his greatness truly understand what it is important. What a lesson!

Yes, I am working on being more of a Mary than a Martha these days. Gone is the worrying about the wrong people, the pointless drama, and the toxic and negative situations than drag me and my world down. I am working to focus my time and attention on the present and living for today. I am blessed and grateful for the love of my family and the true friends I have been given to treasure my days with.

I hope you realize you are important, too, and are taking time to tend to the care and feeding of your own corner of your world. I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you don’t take care of you, no one else will, either!

Be blessed and find your quiet corner where you can reflect and celebrate your outrageous life.

I’ll be back soon! Promise!

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