Are You a Door or a Window?


“What would you rather be, a door or a window?” It’s an odd question that I was reminded of earlier today when I was reading an article online. It’s an interview practice question we used to use when I was active in the Future Business Leaders of America club in high school.  Seemingly innocent question, the intent was to challenge young high school students to not only be able to think on their feet, but artfully demonstrate their thinking skills, reasoning skills and ability to effectively communicate their ideas.

The idea of being a door versus a window — or asking someone that today in an interview — isn’t something I can say get’s much air play. And that is probably with good reason. It is a little bizarre at face value. But if you stop and ponder the thought for a moment, it does give you pause.

Which would you rather be?

Me? I tend to be more of a door kind of girl. I’ve always had a passion for doors of all shapes and sizes. Nary a trip can be taken without my needing to stop and take a picture of two of someone’s front door or some quaint side street with a hidden vestibule and unique little entryway. Doors to me are passageways to new places. They can be opened up to welcome in new friends and opportunities; or be closed to bid farewell to the end of an era.

I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of unknown houses, churches and other public places all to capture my fascination with the doors on their facades. The mystery and magic of what lies behind those strongholds have fascinated me for a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, windows have their purpose, too. But for me, a window is a place to look out and passively view the world from. Windows are the passive, “don’t get involved” in the world ying to the active, “walk right through and take charge” yang doors command.

I like it when my brain takes these little early morning journeys and makes me stop and think about seemingly trivial ideas in a more meaningful way.  It forces me to put myself under self-scrutiny and evaluate my own actions.

As I reflect today, I find myself asking, “Am I that gateway for myself and others to new opportunities? Am I taking advantage of the new challenges, potential friends and learning that awaits on my doorstep? Or am I just leaving myself propped open to casually take on the persona of a window and not act? Do I know when it is time to quietly shut myself off to the negative and draining situations that pull me away from my family and loved ones?  Or are they running rip shod through my world?”  Being a door doesn’t mean everyone gets to trample through my life.  I get to set the boundaries and limits on my world.

Having that wonderfully outrageous life starts with knowing who you are, deep down, and being comfortable inside your own skin. It is being ok with the limits and boundaries you set for yourself, your life and your time. It is knowing the path you want for your life, the hopes and dreams you will pursue and achieve. It is knowing when it is okay to open the door to opportunity and when to gently close it and move on.

Am I a door or a window? Hmm, silly question?  Not for me.

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