Just The Way You Are

Because some days, some people just say it better than I ever could!  Pressing the fantastic work of today’s blog by appliedalliance.wordpress.com:   Just The Way You Are.  


‘Daily reminder if you happened to forget: you are amazing and capable of great things. Strive to do better for yourself.’

We have all been through situations with people we really care about who can sometimes make us feel that we are not as important as we know we reallyare.

Do not fall in the trap and let yourself think that you are not important. Doing so will only discourage you from doing what you are truly capable of. If someone discredits you and tells you that you can’t do something, keep in mind that they are speaking from within the boundaries of their ownlimitations.

In this crazy world that is trying to make you like everyone else, find thecourage to keep being your awesome self. And when they laugh at you for being ‘different’, go ahead and laugh back at them for being the ‘same’.

Never let your circumstances make you feel less than what you are. Keep pressing forward because you fulfilling your goals and dreams is paramount. You are important, never to let any person (including yourself) or anything that you are going through, convince you otherwise.

Love yourself from head to toe. No matter what be proud of your body. Because being just the way you are is enough.’

One thought on “Just The Way You Are

  1. Great post! These are all things that I teach people but lately I haven’t been getting the support I need from a particular loved one and it makes life tough. Thanks for the reminder.

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