Be Thankful for Life

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Yesterday was Memorial Day and it was, of course, a day filled with parades, picnics and lots of celebrations all over America. Families coming together to grill out, open pools and herald the coming of Summer. Thankfully, many also remembered the real reason for the day, to remember our fallen soldiers. Yes, that’s the true reason for the day we take to put the world on hiatus.

The bittersweet pictures of the day: wreaths being laid at cemeteries, flags at half-staff, somber bands marching to the quiet echo of a lone drum beat.  Remembering those who gave their life for us. No matter what challenges or struggles we think we have, there is someone out there who has given more to enjoy this day. Remember him or her as you face this pseudo-Monday. They are most grateful for one more day.

Outrageous lives don’t always come in big red bows filled with every hope and dream come true. Sometimes, they are found on the road less taken — or the road not chosen — where challenge, struggle and disappointment await. When the dreams you had get ripped away, unexpectedly, and replaced with ones you could not fathom. That road, where the scenery is foreign and the terrain horribly difficult, brings a renewed hope and spirit. It will help you discover strengths and abilities you otherwise would have never known you possess. It will bring a new, outrageous life that, while completely unplanned and unexpected, is one you can be eternally grateful for each day given.

Remember our fallen. Remember those who struggle. And be thankful for life.

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