Waiting with Confidence and Humility

My life elevator has been stuck been floors of late and it is really frustrating. Really frustrating. No matter how hard I pound on the emergency button, scream at the top of my lungs to be rescued, or pace back and forth in the seemingly tiny little space I’ve been allocated, this darn cube isn’t moving. I’m here. Stuck. And I guess I better make the best of it.

I tell myself, in my more lucid moments, that it isn’t all that bad. So far, this life has been nothing short of fantastic! The ride has taken me very high! Through these glass elevator walls I can see — as I sit here stalled — not only how far I’ve come, but I can actually look up and see some pretty exciting floors waiting above me. How cool is that? It’s pretty exhilirating (and comforting!) to know the ride isn’t over and that this amazing journey continues! 

But for now, it seems, this is the spot I am supposed to be in. Stuck between floors, able to look up at the future, down at the past and wait. I’m not so good at waiting; that is the point of the process.

I’ve decided that this must be my time for waiting with confidence and humility. It isn’t about me anymore. It cannot be about what I’ve done, but who I am. I must to use this time to believe, deeply in my abilities and myself and, most importantly, in my worthiness to move to the next level. It isn’t about arrogance — I abhor arrogance. Arrogance is ego and the two — confidence and arrogance — could not be further apart. I must to take this time as I sit and ponder my view to really accept myself, my skills, my abilities and know, without a doubt, that I am worthy. No, I am not perfect, but I am perfectly lovable. I need to give myself that gift of confidence and it comes, by the grace of God, from within. No one else can give it to any of us!

The other piece I must master to get this life elevator moving again is humility; an equally tough nut to crack as I sit here and ponder my view. Reflecting on my life, my accomplishments and my choices, I know I have been blessed with an amazingly wonderful life. Mine is an outrageous life; and it continues to get better each day! That said, a life filled with promise and accomplishment does not come without criticism.  As I use this time purposefully, the feedback and constructive criticism that comes my way must be taken in.  I don’t have to blindly accept everything as gospel, but I do have to see if there is truth in the words of others.  Listen, make the necessary adjustments and enter the next level an even better version of myself.

My confidence gives me the strength to be humble enough to accept the truth.  My faith will keep me steady while I wait.  My passion will fuel me to keep my enthusiasm high and my eyes focused on the opportunities that await when the doors do open…and they will!

‘Humility is simply the disposition which prepares the soul for living on trust.”  –Andrew Murray

Waiting with confidence and humility isn’t easy; but it is necessary.  These seasons of waiting come for us all.  They give us time to reflect on our accomplishments, refine our goals and objectives and renew our strength and soul for the next level.

If you are stuck in the elevator of life, don’t view it as a cage, view it as an opportunity to pause, reflect and renew.  We’re here for a purpose and I think the quicker we get the lesson, the faster we will feel the whirl of the upward movement!  I’m counting on it!

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