Your Life. Your Story.


We all are given the same 24 hours each day. With it, we write our own life story; no one else can step in and create it for us. There is no central casting. No Darryl Zanuck to come in and direct it; no F. Scott Fitzgerald to put it down on paper.  There is no one to do the set, the music, the make-up. It’s all your’s, baby.

Will it be a drama? An epic romance? A timeless classic told and retold for generations to come? Or will it be a hopeless tragedy, set in a dark, lonely period that brings sadness and sorrow?

You have the pen in hand. Your future is nothing but a set of blank pages awaiting your direction. Forget your past:  the hurts, the wrongs, the bad decisions you’ve made are all meaningless. For you get to write the next chapter, and the one after that, etc. Make it matter.

No one but you can decide what your life will be. The good and the bad are all life lessons that have brought you to this very point. Each and every experience have made you the person you are right now. Use it all for good and to make every second from this point forward be a reason for the rest of the your life to be the best of your life!

Yes, my life is based on a true story.  My story.  And one day, I hope someone will read it and say, “what an outrageously wonderful life she had!”  I pray they say that about your life, too!

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