Winning the Battle Within

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 6.10.22 AM

Courage to fight the brave fight often comes from a place deep within us. It doesn’t always roar like a lion or cause buildings to shake and crumble. Many times, it whispers. It appears in the form of a tear rolling down an already damp cheek. It awakens you in the middle of the night, emboldened with an unshakable thought you cannot cast from your mind. Listen to that voice within. It is giving you the fuel to conquer the mountain ahead. The strength to take on the battles you must fight.

No one knows the struggles we wrestle with. Nor do we understand the battles being fought all around us. Compassion, love, understanding and friendship are in seemingly short supply for many these days. Don’t be so consumed in the quiet fight raging in your world that you forget to listen to the whispers of hope and encouragement being sent for just for you. Do not lock yourself away behind the doors you have built — whether they be for protection, out of fear or from ignorance — and miss the warriors waiting to help you win! And most importantly, do not forget to show love. For others are battling, too.

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