New Perspectives

types_of_flies3There’s a fly in my office this morning. I’m not sure where it came from in the middle of winter, but right now, he’s driving me insane with his fierce determination to fly through the window pane and reach freedom outside. I hate to break it to the little fellow that he’s probably going to beat himself senseless — or worse — in his efforts to achieve the impossible. The buzzing alone may cause me to cut his efforts short…

His valiant attempts remind me of a Price Pritchett story on change that I read decades ago about a similar fly. Trying desperately to fly through the screen of a cabin in the woods to reach the great outdoors, all while a mere 10 feet away, the front door stood wide open. All that was required of the fly was to stop, turn around and fly across the room to his desired reward. The whole world awaits, unobstructed, through that open cabin door. All the fly needed to do was see the world from a new perspective and his goal would be easily attained.

Sometimes, I think we’re all determined little flies. We know the goals we have in mind. After all, we can see them right there in front of us, right? We work so doggedly hard beating ourselves senseless, doing everything we know to break through the barriers that stand in our way! Yet, despite the tremendous energy we expend, we fall flat. I don’t know about you, but my head hurts sometimes from how hard I feel like I am banging it against the glass!

It’s time for a new perspective! It’s time to turn around and look for the open door. To find the new pathway to the goal. It isn’t that the goal is wrong; the way you and I are trying to reach it isn’t the optimal route. It might look like the best way, but if all we’re doing is banging, repeatedly, against the glass and going nowhere, I suggest it is time for a change.

And one last word of advice? All the buzzing and complaining about the glass being there in the first place isn’t doing you any favors.  No one wants to hear it and it won’t help you break through and reach your goal. In most cases, it will just result in someone bigger or more powerful than you just grabbing their nearest fly swatter to silence the problem. Sorry, Mister fly…you were just too darn annoying before my morning coffee.

Find your new perspective. Quit beating yourself senseless in frustration and expending all your energy going nowhere. Do the 360 degree turn necessary to find the right pathway that will take you to your goals and achieve that outrageously wonderful life!

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