Juggling Too Many Balls


The past week has been a blur of epic chaos. The flu fairy landed at the worst time possible and sprinkled her magic fever dust on ever corner of my world. If that wasn’t enough, it was the week that the dual-career household also had its’ rare conflict of “who’s job is more important,” as we both found ourselves with unusually intense schedules, late night demands and S-T-R-E-S-S!

All in all, I felt like a juggler on a wobbly rolla bolla trying to keep up.

Juggling too many balls is a challenge we all face from time to time. Sometimes, we put those balls in the air ourselves, over-committing our time and talents too, too much. Knowing the limits of our true capabilities and finding our voice to say “no” is a skill we must all continue to hone and develop. For we are no good to anyone when we are stretched beyond our capabilities and fail to give anything the best that it deserves.

But sometimes — like this period in my world — circumstances beyond our control toss a few more balls into the mix than you can sustainably keep in the air. That’s the time you have to make some hard decisions: what can I drop, what can I delegate to others and what must I absolutely make sure do not fall?

Yes, this week, I intentionally dropped a few. My blog didn’t get the attention it deserved, as I used those wee morning hours to cram extra work time needed to keep up with looming priorities. My usual OCD approach to housekeeping isn’t up to snuff. My in-box is bursting with low-priority emails awaiting follow-ups that will get tackled today. But seriously, nothing went down in flames.

I delegated things I usually don’t like to: I let the Nanny handle the doctor appointments and some round-the-clock care, called a neighbor in for back-up evening help, and let a colleague cover for a client meeting so I could continue a critical strategy session. It all went just fine.

Am I completely exhausted? You bet! The balls are still in the air, but I’ve realized that even when they get a little heavy, or an extra one gets tossed into the mix, having a good offensive strategy at the ready to handle them will help make it a little less stressful.

And today, I’ll rest up, snuggle with my recuperating kiddo, tackle some things that went unattended and recharge so I can jump back on the board and skillfully demonstrate my best Dr. Stardust moves again next week!

What an outrageously wonderful — and sometimes crazy! — life. Make the best of it!

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