Get Out of Your Own Way

iStock_000017567006XSmallDid you ever try to move an area rug while accidentally standing on a corner of it? It doesn’t work so well. Success in life is often met with similar challenges; no matter how much you think you are helping yourself, your biggest adversary is most often you. You can tug, yank and pull to your heart’s content, but until you turn around and face the big problem that lies right at your feet, you probably aren’t going to make much progress.

Self-sabotage is a wicked foe and the odds are, you are making things much harder than you need to. When we consistently turn the tables against our own self and routinely beat the living snot out of our hope and dreams, it is no wonder we don’t have the motivation to get what we want out of life.

I grew up in a small town where the options for a girl with my background were pretty limited. I lacked the math and science strengths to be a candidate for academic scholarships, had zero athletic abilities for the sports ticket and wasn’t “wowing” anyone in the love department enough to land myself the “ready-made farmwife childhood marriage popular with many of my classmates (thank you God, for the bazillionth time!). My parents were not prepared to fund college; to the naked eye, I was stuck in life limbo.

Despite my “limitations,” I had one focus on my mind: I wanted to better myself and get out of rural America. I wanted my life to be different than most of the people I grew up around and wanted to achieve more for myself. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted, but I knew it was outside the picturesque city limits of my small hometown. While I wasn’t conscious of my actions, I was already taking the steps to get out of my own way.

“Desire is possibility seeking expression.” –W. Wattles

I had many choices to make – we all do when it comes to building a better life. Each time I chose the one that took me a step toward fulfilling my destiny, I was getting out of my own way. I worked when others’ played. I opted for a weekend college and a full-time job to avoid unnecessary student loans and prolonged educational costs. I took job relocations and promotions to advance my career. I ended relationships that brought heartache and sucked me dry. I got out of my own way and got busy building a life.

Getting out of your own way is a conscious decision. It is about loving yourself and putting your own needs and validation as a priority in your life. It is about thinking positively, stopping the self-defeating, self-deprecating thoughts inside your head. It is about reprogramming your brain to accept compliments, believe in the positive and embrace new ideas.

Getting out of the way is getting off that corner of the rug of life that is keeping you stuck. Don’t you think it is time to move and make the choices that enable you to move, too?

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