Be Expectantly Patient

386580_450411541678885_1805241043_nMy Cairn Terrier, Maggie, is determined to catch a squirrel. Twice a day, on her daily walk around the block, her focus is consumed with locating and snaring one of her fluffy-tailed nemeses. I have no clue what she’ll do if she is ever successful in her efforts, but her determination and focus — despite her continued years of failure — is inspiring. No matter how many times she has been taunted and teased by those little critters through the window, had acorns dropped in her path and tried to climb up trees in hot pursuit; she is no less convinced that she will one day capture her prize. That kind of determination and focus is inspiring.

So what is being expectantly patient? It is about acknowledging failure, but not accepting it. It is knowing that you fell down — hard — but mentally recalculating where you went wrong even before you get up.  Being expectantly patient is wanting more out of life!  So much more that you sacrifice sleep so you can squeeze one more hour each day to pursue your passion, you laugh more than you cry, you consume every nugget of information you can on topics of interest.  You do not settle, nor do you accept failure.  Words like “can’t,” “won’t,” and “impossible” aren’t in your vocabulary.

The watch-out in being expectantly patient is to not forget to be patient. Not only with yourself, but also with others.  Success and progress take time.  Go easy on yourself when the challenges come.  Take the life lessons that are being served up. We often stay stuck where we are not because the world is conspiring against us, but because our work is not yet finished.  If your endeavors are seemingly fruitless at the moment, do not discount that it is simply a part of the master plan.  It may simply be your time to serve where you are; renew your strength for the next phase of your journey.  Be patient and loving, too, toward those around you.  It is all too easy to be incredibly impatient with others as we are determinedly focused on our own goals and challenges.

Thriving at the art of being expectantly patient is learning to get comfortable with the ups and downs that come with living an outrageous life.  It is knowing that a life of passion will have both challenges and opportunities – sometimes simultaneously – and that you will weather through them a stronger, better person.

Yes, be expectantly patient.  Don’t ever settle where you land.  Accept the imperfections of life and work with humility and determination to change the things you can.  Take the life lessons your challenges offer and never lose sight of the amazing potential of this outrageously wonderful life!

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