Ditch the Negativity

20397_20120727_111127_ambition_Qoute2There’s nothing worse than being around negative people. The more they proselytize their depressing, sad views on everything, the more they weigh you down.  It’s like walking with a load of bricks and every comment they make just adds another to the already burdensome load you are carrying.

I don’t know about you, but it’s high time to ditch the negativity in my life. And whether the negative energy is coming from within, or from other people, places or things in your life, it is a powerful and destructive force. Taking steps to ditch the negative garbage in your life that weighs down your potential is one of the best goals you can have in the New Year!

Negative forces come at us from all angles. Negative people who drain you mentally, physically, spiritually and even financially. Learn how to identify the relationships we have that aren’t mutually beneficial and seem to take more than they give back.  No one needs unhealthy, emotionally draining relationships! We have to find the courage to put the boundaries up to redefine them — or end them – so that we can focus on wholesome, rewarding relationships that feed and nourish our hearts, our souls and our spirits.

“When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, or criticize you, remember they’re telling you their story, not yours.”  –Cynthia Occelli

Equally destructive are the negative environments we can live, work and play in.  Look around at where you spend your time. If that environment doesn’t support you, you cannot be your best. If you work in a ‘dog eat dog’ organization where you cannot relax for a moment or trust your co-worker, you likely dread going in to your job each day.  Jobs like that will suck the life right out of you. Find a different one!  The same goes for the gym you work out at or the church you worship at; if you don’t feel safe or have to constantly struggle to fit in; you need to make a change! Find something new that doesn’t stress you out and allows your to focus and enjoy the environment as it is intended.  The world around you is everything and you should never settle until it gives you the support you need to be your utmost best!

Negative people, negative places, negative things all weigh us down and hold us back.  Take a hard look around your life and identify those areas where negative forces are standing in your way.  You hold the power to change it.

Don’t you think it’s time to ditch the negative and stop allowing it to drain you of all your life and energy?  Life is too short — too wonderful — to allow anyone or anything to rob you of anhything!

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