The Gift of Adventure

supermanEveryone loves a great adventure, right? From the time we’re young, we are raised on daily doses of heart-thrilling, blood-pounding, toe-curling flights of fantasy that instill in us our love of adventure. Little boys don bath towels and climb sofas to instantly transform themselves into Superman atop the highest mountain, ready to rescue and save a city in distress. Princesses in their Mommy’s high heels and plastic tiaras await the arrival of Prince Charming (Daddy!) on his white horse, ready to whisk them away on a grand adventure.

We were all born for a life of adventure and passion! Just watch children at play. Before the burdens of society and the pressures of life and responsibility weigh them down. They are fearless! They don’t limit themselves to the possibilities of what they are capable of! They can climb mountains, forge great rivers, write and perform masterful plays. They love fiercely and completely. They give of their whole hearts, always. They love unconditionally. They are color-blind. They love and know adventure.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. –Helen Keller

As you look to the days and the new year ahead, I challenge you to think about how you can give The Gift of Adventure to yourself and to your family. You don’t have to rush out and book a trip to go backpacking the Appalachian Trail in the Spring, or see what the next Outward Bound trip you can send your 16-year-old on is, but open your mind to how your can put some adventure back into the otherwise mundane routine that has likely afflicted your household.

John Muir, the famed naturalist/explorer/writer/conservationist, took the life of adventure living to an art! His experiences and wanderlust have left an indelible footprint on the world and ignited a passion for many about the world to go and explore. There’s a spiritual quality to Muir’s writings and works. They make me want to put on some hiking boots and explore.

But whether you hike, paddle, whisk down a hill on a sled, grab a camera and take pictures in the snow, go explore! Make adventure and exploration of this beautiful world a gift you give yourself. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there into a new situation. Sign up for a day tour with a group of total strangers if you cannot find a friend to join you and expand your world with the new ones you make along the way!

Life is too short to lose that cherubic innocence we had we were young. Put on that terry cloth cape and take the Lazy Boy! Beckon Prince Daddy again from the peak of the staircase! We need the epic adventures of our childhood to live forever! We need to never stifle them in our children…or ourselves!

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