The Gift of Rest

exhaustedWhew!  I’m tired. Maybe it is because the year is drawing to a close and my list of holiday to-do’s doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.  Or because I seem to be burning the candle at both ends these days, but no matter how much “get up and go” I try to have, I just don’t seem to have the stamina I need to make it through the day.

Everywhere I go, I see it in others’ eyes, too.  That sort of used-up, burned-out, glazed over look of exhaustion.  To be honest, I just think we’re all too to turned on, plugged in and connected 24/7 to really allow our bodies, brains and souls the time we need to rest and recharge.  Let’s face it folks, we’re E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D.  There’s no bones about it!

Being the sort of immediate-gratification chick that I am, I love my iPhone, my iPad, my iMac and all the gadgets I have at an arms’ reach.  I read about a book that sounds interesting and I immediately download it onto the Kindle app on my iPad before I forget about it.  When I hear a song that sounds interesting, I use the MusicID app to learn who the artist is so I can tag the album for later.  Everywhere I go, all the time, my brain is listening, learning and on the move.  And the gadgets I have are always there to feed the beast the hungers for knowledge.

I’m not saying that being so connected to information and knowledge is bad, but sometimes, I need to defer my quest for knowing and just be.  I need to give myself The Gift of Rest and allow my spirit and myself to be quiet.  I know, deep down, that when I am looking for the BIG learning, I am likely missing the little lessons all around me.  Like

…what the swallow sounds like as the sun peeks over the horizon,

…or how gentle the wind blows across the half-frozen lake beyond my doorstep,

…the many shades of orange that dance on the fire and cast mysterious shadows on the brick, beckoning for me to dream and explore

…the energy that comes with the giggles and laughs of a nine-year-old watching Saturday cartoons, snuggled in a big fleece blanket and surrounded by a dozen stuffed animals

My “to-do” list will grow and the items I check off will only be replaced by more.  The internet isn’t going anywhere and the knowledge that awaits is only expanding; it’s ok to wait and leave my quest for “why” until tomorrow.  Right now, my body craves The Gift of Rest.  My soul needs to be renewed.  I need the nourishment my spirit craves and am worthy of giving it to myself.

How about you?  Do you need The Gift of Rest?  Can you turn it all off?  Make it through a meal without texting, reading messages or talking on your phone?  Can you power down the TV, the video games and the tablets and just be?  Your soul, like mine, aches for quiet time.

No music, no distractions.  Just listen to the sounds of the world.  The laughter of the children.  The wind whistling in the trees.  There’s an energy and a spirit of renewal in the air tonight; I know I need it.  Do you?

Give yourself an hour..two if you dare.  Learn to build up to a day without a device and see what it is all about.  The Bible says that God rested on the 7th day.  Something tells me he knew technology was coming…

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