The Gift of Unexpected Pleasure

20121217-195510.jpgHave you ever had the thrill of an unexpected treat? Perhaps it was a chance to discover the first bloom of a Spring tulip, or the excitement of much-need back rub at the end of a long day offered without asking. The joy that comes from the unexpected pleasure can sometimes be as wonderful as the gift itself.

This time of year, life seems so harried and days become so scripted. All the rushing to and fro can make even the most mundane of tasks a challenge. The routine becomes just a litany of more on the ever-growing list of “to-do’s”. But what a great opportunity it presents for giving! For in one man’s struggle to tackle the mountain of the dreaded list is another’s opportunity to bless them with The Gift of Unexpected Pleasure.

Husbands, take note. I’m not suggesting you rush out buy roses and leave a trail of petals for us to follow so that we can be blown away by the surprise of a candlelight bath and a waiting split of bubbly. You can save that for another time. This time of year, the simplicity of opening the dishwasher at 6:00 a.m. to find it already emptied, the kid’s lunches made and ready to go or the packages needing to be dropped at the post office already handled are the kinds of simple pleasures that will be lovingly received.

And us gals can definitely do our parts, too! Take out the trash! Walk the dog! Be the one who checks homework so Dad can relax and have some down time. The Gift of Unexpected Pleasure knows no gender bias!

Tuck a note of encouragement in your kiddos lunch box. Send a note of appreciation to a special teacher with a coffee shop gift card. Offer that back rub and decline the often-expected reciprocal one in return. Be giving. Be loving. Be unexpected.

The joys of simple giving are all around. Find someone to bless – unexpectedly – today!

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