The Gift of Beauty

Beauty is all around us!  It is in the gorgeous array of the stars that fill the winter sky. It awaits in the delicate pattern of frost that forms on the grass and sidewalks each morning.  Beauty can be found in the way the carefully penned notes of my old cookbooks, guidance left from previous cooks, help me perfect my recipes as I create in the kitchen.  Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder.  But beauty must be found.  We must look for it and we must take the time to appreciate it.

Christmas Tree in dark

I honestly love to take time in the evenings and sit in the dark and look at my Christmas tree.  I can get lost for hours in the shadows cast on the ceiling from the thousand glowing lights and, like a child looking in the summer clouds, can find images and shapes that ignite my imagination and take me to wonderful places of fantasy.  A nice glass of wine, some old Christmas carols on the stereo and (if Mother Nature ever cooperates this year!) snow falling outside, a night spent in the silence with my tree and my imagination is a true Gift of Beauty to myself.

How can you share The Gift of Beauty with someone this Christmas?  If you are the creative type and love to unleash your talents, create something beautiful for someone special.  Knit a fabulous scarf.  Paint a beautiful picture.  Assemble a scrapbook of special photographs.  Construct a handmade frame or tray in your workshop.  Bake a decadent batch of cookies.  Write (in your own hand!) a love letter to someone special. Turn your creativity loose and pour out your love into your creation of something beautiful!

If you don’t have the time or talents to create, than celebrate the beauty of the world around us!  Look at this as an opportunity to honor the beauty of the world God has created for us and do something special for it!  What can you do for your school, or your church or your community that would somehow enhance its beauty?  So many little things can make a multitude of difference.

As we go about life in this world, we need to be aware of God’s never-ending, perfect love for us. Recognizing and sharing The Gift of Beauty with each other and ourselves is a perfect way to give Him praise and celebrate this wonderful season!

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