The Gift of Joy

How can your heart (and ears!) not ring with excitement when the sounds of merriment fill the air? The excitement and anticipation of the coming of Christmas brings forth a renewed sense of hope and expectation for many. The promise of seeing loved ones, fun parties with dear friends, cherished homecomings are all marked on calendars and looked forward to with great excitement. For some, it is the chance to dust off familiar recipes that are longed for all year, so that they can be baked and shared with loved ones. For others, it is the opportunity to lovingly plan, shop and/or create the perfect gifts for those we hold so dear. Spreading The Gift of Joy is a wonderful – and wonderfully anticipated – task many of us hold dear this time of year.


The act of giving The Gift Of Joy can take on many forms. One simple way you can give joy this season is by listening. That’s it. L-I-S-T-E-N. Sounds easy enough, right? But wait, you have to do it…really do it. That means putting down the phone. Setting aside the shopping list or the wrapping paper and mountain of gifts. Instead, pour a cup of coffee, grab a seat and settle in for a good spell.

In the rush and busy, the world is crying out for someone who cares. There is no greater way to give joy to your spouse, your child, a co-worker or even a stranger than to stop and listen. Be genuinely interested in their day. Ask how their weekend was. Inquire about their holiday plans. Make them feel important by showing your interest in them…in their life…in their dreams and plans.

I guarantee the joy you will give by showing you care is priceless. And so easy to give!

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