The Gift of Freeing Yourself from Excess

Wall Closet
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are all drowning in excess. Too much is too much! I always tell people that anyone’s great strength is also their greatest weakness (think about it!) and for me, that gene of “having it all” carries into my personal possessions, too. I love clothes and people often compliment me for my sense of style. I admit I like to get dressed up and enjoy putting a fabulous outfit together…for me, my husband and my daughter. All that putting it together means we have a lot of excess around here! When you live in an old house like I do, closet space isn’t exactly a luxury, so excess isn’t something we can afford to let get out of hand. Today is a good day to go through the closets and pack up the things we don’t need. Clothes, shoes, coats, toys, games…we are blessed with so much and use so little of what we have. Others can use and benefit from our excess and will appreciate it so much more than we do!

Today, I am giving myself freedom from the wasteful spending I am guilty of. I will be ridding myself of some of the beautiful things I have (and tell myself I’ll wear again) and am taking them to the Costless Closet at our church. Someone else needs them so much more than I do. I’d like to see someone in that sparkly holiday sweater next Sunday at church that I just had to have…I’ll bet they look better in it than I ever will! And I know I’ll look fantastic in the smile it’ll give my heart!

You can do the same. Bless someone else with your freedom from excess! Go through those closets, cupboards, toy boxes and secret hiding places and pull out all those things that you don’t need but can make a world of difference to someone in need. Teach your children now that their sacrifice of gently used toys and clothes will bless other less fortunate children. The Gift of Excess is a liberating one to give yourself, as it eliminates the clutter in your life and provides much needed joy, warmth and happiness to others. Please give it today!

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