The Gift of Surprise

Presents (Photo credit: Alice Harold)

I love suprises!  Big or small, there is something really fulfilling about surprises and doing for others.  And as much as I love someone doing something really special for me, I get even more joy from doing for others.  There is just something really magical about that “for me?” look on someone’s face when you know you’ve brought unexpected joy to their day.  It swells your heart in ways words just do not give justice to.

So on a (likely) cold December Wednesday, someone you encounter today is likely in need of a little suprise.  It’ll be just the pivot point their day – or their week – needs to get back on track.  How can you do it?  I’m going to do the suprise I’ve always wanted to do…I’m going to attempt to start a “pay it forward” at my local coffee shop drive-thru…just because I always think it is cool to hear about those!  But if you need some inspiration, here are a few other ideas…

  1. Meet your mailman (doorman, UPS guy, etc.) with a cup of hot chocolate and say thanks for his service
  2. Let that guy with only one item at the grocery store go first…if you can, tell the cashier to add it to your bill and then say “Merry Christmas” when he looks at you in shock a second time!
  3. Tuck a love note in your childrens’ backpack and let them know you love them very much and wish them and extra special day at school (ditto for your spouse, partner, etc.)
  4. Ask the Salvation Army bell ringer if he/she needs anything while they are collecting funds.  I’ll bet they’d love a hot cup of coffee after standing on that cold concrete for hours!  A donation in the kettle would be nice, too!
  5. Remember the military and if you see a servicemember, offer to pick up the tab for his/her meal and say thanks for their service.  What a gift they give!
  6. Fix something.  Especially if it is something you’ve been complaining to others about…stop complaining about it and just take care of it quietly.  Someday someone will notice and you can just smile.
  7. Drop by an animal shelter with food or supplies and an offer to help for a few hours.  Pets overwhelm shelters this time of year and need love too!
  8. Play reverse “trick or treat” with your neighbors and take some holiday treats to three neighbors you haven’t had a chance to visit with lately…just to wish them Merry Christmas!
  9. Hide spare change where a total stranger will find it within an hour.
  10. Leave flowers on the doorstep of someone you don’t know.

There are tons of ideas to inspire you here.

However you choose to gift The Gift of Surprise today, have fun doing it!  Seek the joy that comes from being the gift giver, not the receiver. Know the satisfaction that comes from being that unknown angel who comes to minister and bless others. Sadly, some people will not act grateful; but the benefits may still come around when you are not there to see it. Let your actions be enough and don’t expect profuse thanks, or even any thanks at all.  Just give The Gift of Surprise and walk on…with the confidence of knowing you gave.

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