The Gift of Time

The Passage of Time
(Photo credit: ToniVC)

24 hours…1,440 minutes…86,400 seconds. Any way you slice it up, one day is a finite amount of time we are each given to use and manage wisely. This time of year, it seems everyone is yanking and tugging to claim more of their fair share of it than usual. Between the extra demands of holiday preparations, celebrations, year-end closing at work, school and piano recitals, my calendar is running out of room! I love a good celebration, but in the midst of it all, it sometimes feels a little less “ho-ho-ho” and a little more “bah hum-bug” than I know it should!

So today’s gift is really simple. Pull out that calendar – grab everyone’s in the house if you have to – and pick a night where everyone just says “NO” to whatever is on it. Really…it is ok. Just do it! Give yourself The Gift of Time and then do something special. Put in a great holiday movie, play a mean game of cards, bake a favorite batch of cookies; do something together and make a family memory. Take the stress out of the holidays for just one night and enjoy the true meaning of the season. It really isn’t about pleasing others and all of these crazy commitments others want to make on our behalf. It is about spending time with the ones we love and letting them know they are the ones that matter most.

Tick tock.  Give yourself the Gift of Time today!

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. I LOVE this one!! You are so right…we don’t need to attend every party. Saying no & drinking cocoa by the tree sounds much sweeter. Thank you for these posts!

    1. The sense of obligation this time of year is unreal. It isn’t that we don’t adore the time with our friends, classmates and co-workers, but all that running around leaves no time left for family and all of us cranky! We decided we needed to call the audible and put some “we time” first. It’s a good thing.

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