The Giving Pledge

Mercury Glass 03
Mercury Glass 03 (Photo credit: smilla4)

Being in the retail business, it is easy to lose the real meaning of Christmas.  For me, it seems like Christmas is a year-long event.  The items you are buying now, we sold to presented to retailers last January, received final confirmation of what they wanted in March, had to get our forecasts for production into manufacturers before Memorial Day and started shipping to overseas markets in early August.  Displays went up early this year…competing in some cases with back to school and definitely fighting Halloween for display space on the floor.  Right now, we’re beating salespeople silly with daily reports on what is sitting in warehouses (why not on the sales floor???) to avoid the unwanted cost of post-Christmas markdowns.  And just yesterday, I received the samples and presentation for Christmas 2013 product from one of our manufacturers – already!!!  I don’t even know yet what isn’t selling well for THIS Christmas!  It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important at Christmastime in the retail world…and want to pull your hair out of your head!  I don’t even want to think about Christmas for 2013…

But in the mad rush of shopping, “fantastic” sales and brilliantly wrapped presents, the real meaning is still there.  It isn’t about gifts, it is about giving.  It is about sacrifice.  It is about selflessness.  The ultimate gift was given so many years ago.  To give up a child so that others could live is a pretty unfathomable gift…I cannot comprehend the cost of such a gift.  Can you?

But what I can do, is daily identify those gifts I can give.  Gifts I cannot buy, but will give.  I hereby establish what I am calling “The Giving Pledge” and challenge you to take it too.  Every day, I will identify a new gift to give and I promise you it won’t be something you can rush out and buy.  But it will be something you can give.  It will require a little sacrifice, perhaps a little time or emotion.  But it will open your eyes and heart to the true meaning of Christmas.  Who’s in?

One thought on “The Giving Pledge

  1. Wow! What a great idea. Makes me think about how dour people look sometimes. I challenge everyone to start with giving a smile as their first gift. You will find it is an incredibly powerful gift. How many people can you get to reciprocate…and pass it on?

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